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Queen`s view complex is designed as a closed type complex with restricted access. It is situated on a plot with total area of 4 256 sq.m. Build area is about 1 100 sq.m. On the non-built area are placed: 37 open parking lots, two open pools with a size of 220 sq.m. and 60 sq.m., park for kids.
Inside the complex there are 2 residence blocks, 5-6 floors each, 5 entrances with 1-3 apartments per floor. In total 66 flats. The all-out construction area is 6 400 sq.m. There is a lift for each entrance as well. In every apartment there is a big terrace with sea view. On the ground floor of Block 1 is situated the fitness and SPA centre with sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi. On the ground floor of Block 2 is situated the office of the managing company. The total area of these premises is 190 sq.m.
The construction part of the building is made of monolithic construction, inner walls from bricks with isolation. The inner and outer piping system is made with plastic pipes. Cooling and heating of the air is provided from multi-split air conditioner for each apartment and room separately. The kitchen and the WC are also ventilated from separate air pipe. For every dwelling there is a boiler mounted in the bathroom for hot water. There is also a TV and internet network in the building and the owners may connect with ease, besides there is also an inner intercom with direct connection to security and managing office.
All the apartments will be finished inside:
Windows – made from the world famous manufacturer SCHUCO (the “Mercedes” amongst the windows). All of them are with 5 chamber PVC profile with the color “Golden oak” and mounted appropriate packing and closing mechanisms from the same brand – SCHUCO. We gave the balcony door special attention and ordered it to be with the unique and patented from SCHUCO opening mechanism for sliding door – “lift and slide”. Using such door we give the opportunity not only to optimize the inner space of the room, but to visually incorporate the terrace to the room.
Having in mind the contemporary requirements of energy saving and our main aim to create comfort conditions inside the apartments we decided to use the glass SUNERGY for the window packs. Sunergy suit the most innovative architectural needs. It combines neutrality and low level of reflection which allows one to see trough it without color distortion. Sunergy offers visual comfort and temperature balance. The superb combination between light permeance and heat-insulation characteristics makes Sunergy glass the perfect decision for all weather conditions – the hot summer or the cold winter. Besides the entire window packs are filled with special argon gas which makes them fully energy efficient.
Floors: in all rooms except the bathrooms the floors are covered with three-layer parquet from the brand “TARKETT”. It is made completely from natural wood and the cover layer is from natural oak with it`s natural color. The triple structure of the parquet board and the facture made lacquer cover guarantee improved protection against moisture, mechanical intervention and other unfavorable factors.

Doors: The inner doors will be from wood construction, paneled with MDF in color “Golden Oak” and covered with water- and shock- proof lacquer;

The outer doors will be from metal construction, paneled with MDF in wood color and covered with water- and shock- proof lacquer;
Bathrooms: the floors and the walls will be covered with tiles from Italian or Spanish producers with modern colors and in couple of models. The shower cabins will be from glass and the showers will be integrated in the ceiling. The wash-basins are equipped with decorative traps, taps and accessories.
Ventilation and air condition: every room in the apartment is provided with source of incoming and outgoing fresh air. The constant air circulation inside the long time non-occupied premises is of great importance, especially near by the sea. The incoming air flow is made with the equipment of the French brand “AERECO”, which automatically opens the air vents in case of higher humidity inside the premises. This system is completely reliable and there is no need of further maintenance.
Every apartment is connected to central air condition system from “MITSUBISHI” which consists of one main outdoor unit and separate inside units for each room. The air and drainage pipes are integrated into the plaster covered walls.

The building of the complex started on 02 November 2008. Finish date is September 2010. The building was assigned to one of the biggest building companies in Bulgaria – “Albena 2000” Ltd. Quality of their work is guaranteed by the international standard ISO 9001:2000 issued from the International Certificate Company “Germanischer Lloyd”. The funding of the project is with 100% personal finances of the investment company.