In Shabla raised most luxurious hunting residence ин Булгариа.
Hunting residence in Shabla is ready, today announced boss of state game breeding station in Balchik Eng Kalinka Todorova.
The new home of hunters is the most luxurious in the country, as it were invested 1.5 million euro. Most of the funds by the Executive Agency of Forests.
“The whole complex and furnishings are made of natural materials – wood and stone. Rooms are decorated with stuffed wild game – pheasant, grouse, woodcock, carpet leather wolf chandelier with horns of deer and deer, “said Eng. Todorova.
Posh resort is located in close proximity to the golf courses in Dobrich. It is an area of 6.5 acres – there are huge garden and outdoor jacuzzi. The residence includes a hunting lodge, plus three small cottages. The total capacity is 20 beds. Hunting lodge can be used not only by hunters, but also by ordinary tourists.