A separate Ministry of Tourism is created in Bulgaria since the end of 2014 (previously the tourist agency was part the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism), and a national tourism agency was formed by the Bulgarian Embassy in Moscow. According to the Travel.ru, this was told at the tourist exhibition “ITM”, held today in Moscow, by members of the Bulgarian delegation
Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria Nikolina Angelkova noted that for the convenience of guests The Embassy in Moscow tries to make it easier to obtain visas in this country. At present, the visa can be obtained in 2-3 days. In Russia now there are 19 Bulgarian visa centers. In addition, children on holiday in the country often are issued multiple entry permits valid for up to 5 years.
Ministry paid close attention to the pilgrim tourism as well. Bulgaria is an Orthodox country on whose territory there are about 500 monasteries. The Bulgarian tourist authorities are negotiating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the facilitation of the procedures for obtaining permission to enter for pilgrims, and even the possibility in the near future free visas to be issued for them, told Nikolina Angelkova. The long term goal of the Ministry of Tourism is to give all the guests of the country visa on arrival. At present Bulgaria negotiates about such a possibility with the European Commission and hopes for a positive outcome in the next year or two.