Bulgaria will start issuing visas for three years, wrote on Saturday, February 7, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” referring the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry. During the period of validity of the visa the holder can visit twice or more times this Balkan country.
Three-year visas are issued to those visitors who have already been in Bulgaria or for those who own real estate on its territory. For the first time visitor a double or multiple entry visa valid for one year is intended.
For the minor citizens of Russia, attending summer youth camp, the visa will be granted for a period of five years.
The same visa rules in 2015 Bulgaria granted to citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia.
For the Russian citizens Bulgaria is the preferred seaside resort. In the eastern part of the country the Russians posses about 500 thousand houses, mostly apartments in Burgas and its surroundings.
At the beginning of 2014 was marked increase in the number of tourists from Russia by 15 per cent, but at the end of the year the Bulgarian authorities mark the beginning of flow reduction by 3 percent. In 2014 the country was visited monthly between 15-40 thousand Russians depending